The Mexican Pizza Is Coming Back To Taco Bell Menus In May

After nearly two years without a fan favorite, Taco Bell has officially announced the company’s decision to bring back the Mexican Pizza. The option was a Covid-19 casualty in 2020 and Taco Bell patrons have been complaining ever since.

Two crispy, fried and warm tortillas with ground beef and refried beans, gooey cheese and fresh lettuce and tomato sounds great, right? It is. Popular musician Doja cat was the chosen voice of the release and the TikTok had millions of views.

Taco Bell took to Twitter to confirm the release of the dish as Doja Cat announced it on her social media channels. Rumors had been swirling around the internet, in Reddit forums and other outlets for months that the entrée was making a comeback but nothing had been confirmed until Monday’s social media confirmation. Fans of the dish had been using social media since it was taken from the menu to solicit Taco Bell to return it to its rightful place.

There was also a petition to bring the dish back. Most notably, Dolly Parton was among those pressing for the petition and return of the dish. And who can argue with Dolly? The petition gained over 170,000 signatures.

DoorDash pass members won’t even have to leave home to get their beloved pizzas for the first week of the release. They will also get $2 off of their order using MEXPIZZA as a promo code. The release date has been set at May 19. Mark it on your calendars, folks!

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