September Shorts: 10 Stocks That Could Rocket This Month

Marissa Newby
2 min readSep 2, 2021

This is not financial advice. The risk is your own to take and your own to determine.

I will get right to the point. Here are the Top 10 most shorted stocks as we round into September. Shake the brownout off and consider looking into the potential of these mooners. Information is derived from Market Watch.

1. First on the list is, ticker symbol SPRT. It is shorted currently at 61% and had a massive run-up the last week of August. Chasing this one is cautioned against, no FOMO.

2. Aterian, ATER — Shorted at 41%

3. Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp., BGFV — Shorted at 39%

4. Workhorse, WKHS — Shorted at 38%, this one has been making the meme stock rounds for a while and has seen volatility

5. Riskified Ltd., RSKD — Shorted at 36%

6. Beam Global, BEEM — Shorted at 36%

7. VPC Impact Acquisition, VIH — Shorted at 34%

8. Blink Charging Co., BLNK — Shorted at 33%

9. Altimeter Growth Corp, AGC — Shorted at 32%

10. SmileDirectClub Inc. — Shorted at 32%

I wouldn’t be a good Ape if I did not mention AMC. Still fighting the good fight and finding its footing again after a tumultuous final week of August. AMC is consolidating sideways for a 4th peak and positioning for a breakout. Ape Gang.



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