A volatile market and heavy hitters in the meme stock category have made June a thrill ride for retail investors, whales, hedge funds, and all the other major players in what is lining up to be one of the most exciting, and sketchy, months in market history.

Let’s get this out of the way first: this is not financial advice, I am not a financial advisor. Whatever I say here is not investment advice, nor am I suggesting that you purchase any particular stock or hold any particular position.

What is a short squeeze?

According to Investopedia, a short squeeze is an “unusual condition that…

Bitcoin and the growing Ethereum are among the buzz in a growing cryptocurrency market
Bitcoin and the growing Ethereum are among the buzz in a growing cryptocurrency market

To be clear, right up front, I am not a financial analyst or a professional money marketer, I am just a simple girl evaluating the potential of blockchain currencies that are the real-life, technological equivalent of monopoly money.

Cryptocurrencies appeared a few years ago as a form of digital cash. No material value exists for cryptocurrencies, there isn’t some stockpile of little blocks that support the value of these currencies like other familiar currencies that exist — the dollar, the pound, etc.. Gaining cryptocurrency can be done through a more traditional stock portfolio method through purchases in your material currency…

I’m not putting his picture in this article, there are women in this world who are terrified and traumatized. Look him up if you want to see his face.

Sometimes a narcissist will reveal who they are in plain sight. Marilyn Manson (born Brian Warner) is no exception. Somehow, in spite of the content of his music specifically detailing murders and abuse, his autobiography describing multiple instances of violence against women and multiple women coming forward to share their truth, we still made a messiah of the Antichrist Superstar.

What We Know

Currently, over 13 women have come forward with eerily consistent stories…

Call of Duty Cold War released last week after months of teaser trailers and anticipation. I caught up with Twitch Streamer Christopher Floro on the playthrough.

Improved Maps and New Game Styles

First look footage of Activision’s Call of Duty Cold War
Courtesy of Christopher Floro

A gamer with over 2 decades of experience in beta testing huge titles like Halo and every iteration of Call of Duty as well as recent breakouts Among Us, Rogue Company and Dead by Daylight, Twitch personality and Razer streamer Christopher Floro had some feedback about the new maps and formatting of the game. The maps were “refreshing” he notes

Break out all of the good dishes. Call the corners. Get your coven together. Bring out the sacred dead. It is finally time for the New Year!

Mabon is a time for us to gather, balance, focus, and remember the dead. Celebrating life is recalling the impact and importance of those who have gone before us. During this season, it is common amongst nearly all religions to gather for meals and celebrations. Witches do it a bit differently than others. Beltane occurs on October 31st and marks the New Year for witches.

A Short History of Samhain

The United States election reflected a change in posture for American voters
The United States election reflected a change in posture for American voters
RePhoto by Jacob Morch on Unsplash

Recent years have been tough in the US if you were not a cisgendered, white, heterosexual, financially stable male. Let’s first take a moment to take a collective breath. Oh, and if you fall into the categories above, I don’t hate you but this might not be the article that resonates with you unless you have a soul and are an ally to marginalized groups.

When the election results began to finalize, many Americans took a collective sigh of relief, some took to Parler to continue their weird alt-right conspiracies and crying. Others simply asked “what do we do now?”…

Balancing nutrition is key 
 Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels

The landscape of what qualifies as a balanced meal has changed over time. Could eating healthy be as simple as powder and water?Powdered food in a bag may not sound like the most appealing meal at first. Eating meal bars optimized for macros and drinking balanced meals may sound as boring as dieting. But if space food sounds fun to you, jump in, and let’s discuss the benefits of plant-based food Huel.

What exactly is a healthy, balanced meal? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outline the following as the key components of a healthy meal:

- Emphasizes fruits…

America’s LGBTQIA youth is vulnerable and often left unprotected in circumstances of mental health and advocacy.

Identity comes in many forms and should be celebrated not punished Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Conversion therapy has long been a controversial topic in the LGBTQIA community, in religious communities, in politics, and in culture. Calling it therapy is disingenuous — it is torture, make no mistake.

This month, we celebrated coming out day, but we have also remembered what hate can do as we commemorate Matthew Shephard, who was savagely beaten and tortured for his sexuality in 1998. Matthew would succumb to his injuries and spark a national debate about hate crimes, leading to landmark legal provisions. But where do children fit into advocacy and support?

State and Local Warriors

Threesomes that become a marriage are hard…but awesome <span>Photo by <a href=”https://unsplash.com/@dainisgraveris?utm_sourc
Threesomes that become a marriage are hard…but awesome <span>Photo by <a href=”https://unsplash.com/@dainisgraveris?utm_sourc
Threesomes that become a marriage are hard, but awesome Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Like most people, I grew up believing I would find the one, get married and live a blissful life until I died. Then I married a couple.

Let’s just get this out of the way — I’m big gay. Super gay. A terminal lesbian. Secondly, I also have a platonic husband. You are probably confused, I mean honestly welcome to my baseline feeling. What I also have, however, is a wife who is everything. So how do we navigate this situation?

Communication Really is Key

This might seem obvious but you really have to talk. You have to pay attention, too. Listening is an…

We will never make true progress if we do not change the culture from the ground up.

Changing oppression can only be done by eliminating it rather than responding to it — Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

At some point or another, you have likely been exposed to some half-hearted analogy about pushing a boulder uphill or continually trying to change an outcome with the same actions and effort. It is 2020, a woman of color running for the second-highest political office in a country that is supposed to be a bastion of democracy had to assert her right to speak on an international stage and women everywhere are adopting “I’m Speaking” as a viral and temporary response to her place in the margin. Why are we buying T-Shirts rather than smashing the patriarchy?

It Isn’t Working

Marissa Newby

Blogger, horror writer, poet and militant feminist

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